About Wazzle

In January 2020, we had a dream...

Following a memorable conversation by the lake in Lausanne, a bold vision emerged: revolutionizing the world of OnlyFans. This is how Wazzle was born.

Nestled in the heart of Lausanne, our company upholds the values of rigor, professionalism, and embodies Swiss perfection.

Our services are diverse and comprehensive:

• Marketing: Strategic campaigns to maximize visibility and engagement.

• Management: Guidance and advice for successful navigation within the industry.

• Support: Continuous backup for any concerns.

• Administration: Financial and organizational management, unburdening our models.

Our team consists of three committed partners, backed by seasoned collaborators, all driven by an unwavering passion for digital success. Who are we aiming to assist? Audacious women: those seeking representation or hesitant to venture into this burgeoning domain.

With Wazzle, our commitment is clear: support them at every step. We offer an enticing bonus system, compelling results, and above all, tailored support.

At Wazzle, we're not just managers. We are the elite, determined to provide the best to our models and always ready to push the boundaries of excellence in the OnlyFans industry.